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Siscaa Boards Now In Stock!

We finally received our last consignment of Siscaa boards, including Winnit, Tournament, Champion Fighter and their natural-framed Champion board, the Sure Slam. Shipping costs were astronomical due to the Red Sea crisis and overall inflation. We had to pay 68% of the cost of the boards for in-bound shipping, compared to 25% when we first started. With UPS costs , credit card processing, website maintenance, and overhead also rising, our prices set in 2020 have increased $50 – $75 per board. We’re still competitive with comparable boards shipped from India as well as the few domestic sites that carry them, if they have them in stock. Chalk it up to the inflation we hear so much about.

We chose Siscaa for this final shipment over the other brands due to their superior finish, quality control and robust packaging. Siscaa boards are every bit as good as Synco, and superior to Precise or Surco, since the business was founded by the long-time factory manager of both Surco and Synco. He worked closely for decades with South Asian and European carrom federations to create a truly world-class, export-quality product with fewer defects and factory seconds as well as superior playing characteristics. His packaging is far better, meaning less damages in shipping to you.

We would entertain any reasonable offer for our business, website, contacts and experience. “Carrom” as a search term gets over a quarter million hits a year on the internet, and the blowi up of “Carrom “King” on youtube makes this a dynamic industry and opportunity for a motivated entrepreneur. Feel free to call to discuss.

Since 1989, Billiboards has been supplying a wide range of carrom boards and accessories for professionals, enthusiasts and novices. We carry a diverse line of professional carrom boards, coins, strikers, powder, stands and instructional books and videos.

In addition to our Carrom Deals and Carrom Packages, we have our standard carrom board range, focusing primarily on tournament-quality equipment. Purchase a stand with any board and we will make it a package by including powder. All our products are approved by the International Carrom Federation and the US Carrom Association.

Why are our boards more expensive than on some other sites?

First and foremost, we sell only the highest quality boards from the most reputable manufacturers. Our specialty is true professional equipment, not the cheaply made boards you can find in Indian grocery stores or at Walmart. If you are looking for a board in the $100 range, you should probably look there. As always, you get what you pay for.

Secondly, shipping by UPS Ground is included in all our carrom board and stand prices, no matter where you are in the continental United States. Accessory orders will be mailed via USPS. There is no additional cost for shipping and we take great care in ensuring the board is packaged properly and will not arrived damaged.

You may find similar carrom boards on the web that are less costly, some with model names like “Tournament” and “Professional.” But, all Indian boards are not the same and their names may not reflect their quality. We only supply boards made by the top four Indian manufacturers and we specialize in their top-of-the-line range.

The boards made for Billiboards by Synco, Siscaa and Surco feature the same high-quality manufacturing techniques pioneered by Precise Industries, including frames reinforced with formica and super-smooth playing surfaces, making them the boards of choice in ICF and USCA tournaments. In addition, all our boards are waterproof and the finish on both frame and playing surface is guaranteed to be the highest quality.

Most important of all, we inspect every board to ensure that it meets our specifications. We are the only supplier to apply a straight edge to every playing surface to check for flatness, warpage and twist. Any variation beyond normal parameters (1-1.5mm) results in rejection or reclassification as an “irregular” piece to be sold at a discount. As discerning, competitive players ourselves, we are committed to providing only the finest carrom equipment, chosen for superior playing characteristics and attention to detail.

Please note, however, that all our products are hand made in India and are subject to cosmetic and structural flaws, most commonly at the corner joints. As a result, there is no such thing as a “perfect piece.” Cracks, dings, dents, stains, and other irregularities in the finish are not uncommon, especially on the frames and at the corners, but also on the playing surface. None of these will affect the play of the game and are purely cosmetic. Boards with more substantial flaws are sold with a “second-quality” or “blemished” discount. Please call or email with any questions.

You can order directly from this website if you wish, however, you may prefer to talk to someone in person before you buy. If so, just contact us and someone will get back to you.

The BilliBoard Guarantee

      • We inspect all products shipped from our warehouse to ensure they are first quality.
      • If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the product at your expense, in “as-new” condition and with all the original packaging, and we will refund your purchase amount, minus a 15% restocking fee.


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Our team members are well versed in the game of carrom and we can help you if you have questions as a beginner or an expert and tournament player.

What is the Game of Carrom?

Carrom is a board game that requires skill, determination and practice. It can be played by players of all ages and skill levels, from novices to pros.

Popularity Has Grown Across the World
While this board game has always been popular in Asia and the Far East, it is becoming more and more popular in the USA, with larger tournaments and competitions, bigger prizes, and many more clubs.

This phenomenon is not restricted to the US. The same is also true in much of Europe, the Middle East and South America.

This game is sometimes referred to as carom, karrom, karum, carrum, as well as many other variations.

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